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Replacing a PulsaCoil with a new Pulsacoil STAINLESS:

The Pulsacoil 2000 seems the most prone to internal tank leaking of all the versions on Pulsacoil, and these days I recommend replacing a Pulsacoil with the Gledhill “Pulsacoil STAINLESS”. There are a number of cheaper alternative manufacturers but most (if not all), are cheaper because they use an internal coil of pipe as a heat exchanger, rather than an external plate heat exchanger controlled by a circuit board modulating a pump. This cheaper arrangement is not good in any hard water area as water scale quite rapidly clogs the pipe and time-consuming chemical descaling becomes necessary. The plate heat exchanger on the Gledhill is less prone to scaling and easily and comparatively quickly replaced should scaling happen.  Perversely, the physical sizes of the Pulsacoil 2000 and the Pulsacoil STAINLESS don't match up and as everyone always asks me which Pulsacoil STAINLESS to order, I end up spending ages looking up size charts of both their old and new appliances. So I’ve written this page to summarise. Mainly for myself!

Here are the Pulsacoil 2000 and Pulsacoil STAINLESS appliance dimensions. (These Pulsacoil 2000 heights include the wooden frame support they are usually standing on, but not the height of the plastic header tank, which may or may not be standing directly on top of the appliance.)

Pulsacoil 2000 models:

PC145 140 litres 1240 high x 595 wide x 575 deep

PC185 170 litres 1460 high

PC215 190 litres 1600 high

PC235 220 litres 1800 high

Pulsacoil Stainless:

PCCST150 151 litres 1332 high x 550 diameter

PCCST180 181 litres 1520 high

PCCST210 196 litres 1708 high

(Note this new Pulsacoil Stainless is round in format, not rectangular as the 2000 models, and dimensions here include the height of the purpose-designed header tank.)


Integrating the two charts by stored water volume (for my own benefit in specifying replacements!)

PC145           140 litres 1240 high

PCCST150     151 litres 1332 high

PC185           170 litres 1460 high

PCCST180     181 litres 1520 high

PC215           190 litres 1600 high

PCCST210.    196 litres 1708 high

PC235           220 litres 1800 high

(Note this chart shows the actual height of the units. A new Pulsacoil Stainless will need some further space above to allow periodic manual topping up of the water level. 



If you'd like me to replace your PulsaCoil, call or text me on 07866 766364.

Mike the Boilerman - Independent Gledhill Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering everywhere within driving distance of Hungerford, Berkshire

Call or text me on: 07866 766364

Mike the Boilerman - Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering every-where within driving distance of hungerford, Berkshire. 

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