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How to fix a common Pulsacoil fault yourself

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No hot water?

Things you can check before calling someone out:

If the water from your hot taps is cold, here is a checklist you can follow before calling out a specialist technician like me, just to make sure you are not missing something obvious. Or just check out my short video!

1) First of all, check the header tank on top is correctly filled with water. The water level is not critical but needs to be at least about 3 inches deep. If it is less, add as much water as it takes to bring the level up to 3 inches or more. If the water you add keeps disappearing from the header tank down the pipe connection in the side, keep adding water until it stops draining away. This could be several buckets of water.  Paradoxically if you are having to add a LOT of water (i.e. several buckets full), this is likely to solve the problem. 

2) Check the electrical switches on the wall by the Pulsacoil are turned ON as usual. These rocker switches are easily switched off accidentally by bumping them with broom handles, irons or anything stored in the airing cupboard on or by the Pulsacoil.

3) Try the ‘boost’ heater facility. This is normally kept OFF ready for emergency use should the main heater fail. If switching on the ‘boost’ heater gives you hot water after an hour or so, this tells us the main off-peak heater has stopped working. On the other hand in still no hot water then the fault lies elsewhere. More detailed information is in the pages here for each individual model if you are capable of fixing it yourself. 

On the other hand if you’d prefer me to come and fix to your Pulsacoil, call me any time on 07866 766364.


Mike the Boilerman - Independent Gledhill Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering everywhere within driving distance of Hungerford, Berkshire

Call or text me on: 07866 766364

Mike the Boilerman - Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering every-where within driving distance of hungerford, Berkshire. 

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