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Replacing a PulsaCoil 2000 with a Pulsacoil STAINLESS

The Pulsacoil 2000 seems the most prone to internal tabk leaking of all the versions on Pulsacoil, and these days I generally recommend replacing a Pulsacoil with the Gledhill Pulscoil ECO STAINLESS. Perversely, the physical sizes of the Pulsacoil 2000 and the Pulsacoil ECO STAINLESS just don't match up and as everyone alwsays asks me which Pulsacoil ECO STAINESS to order and I end up spending ages looking up size charts of both their old and new appliances, I've written this page to summarise. Mainly for myself!

Pulsacoil 2000 and Pulsacoil STAINLESS ECO appliance dimensions (excluding height of wooden frame they stand on) and stored water volumes:

PC145 140 litres 1140 high x 595 wide x 575 deep
PC185 170 litres 1360 high
PC215 190 litres 1500 high
PC235 220 litres 1700 high

PCS150ECO 147 litres 1145 high x 560 wide x 630 deep
PCS180ECO 165 litres 1275 high
PCS220ECO 210 litres 1575 high


Integrating the two charts by height (for my own benefit in specifying replacements!), not including the mounting pallet:

PC145           140 litres 1140 high
PCS150ECO 147 litres 1145 high
PCS180ECO 165 litres 1275 high
PC185           170 litres 1360 high
PC215           190 litres 1500 high
PCS220ECO 210 litres 1575 high
PC235           220 litres 1700 high



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First published 3rd May 2016
Last updated 19th Dec 2017


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